Periodontal Disease Treatments in Washington, D.C.

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What Is Periodontal Disease Treatment?

Numerous kinds of dental concerns, such as gum disease, could potentially influence a person's overall wellness. Sometimes called periodontal disease, gum disease is a progressive dental infection that affects a huge number of individuals each year. A consequence of harmful dental bacteria, gum disease is thought of as a principal source of loose or missing teeth in adults and is often connected to a number of concerning general health problems. These bacteria live within plaque deposits that collect on the teeth and produce toxins, which may begin to degrade the gums, jawbone, and other structures that keep every tooth in the right place.

Gum disease is generally distinguished by three different levels; the first phase of periodontal disease is gingivitis, followed by periodontitis. The last and most serious stage of the disorder is known as advanced periodontitis. Detecting and addressing gum disease early could end the progress and safeguard your overall wellness. For individuals who have symptoms like inflamed or red gum tissue, bleeding while brushing and flossing, or chronic foul breath (sometimes called halitosis), periodontal disease may be affecting their oral health.

Our expert team of dentists at Chang & Rothkopf Dental provides several effective solutions to take care of periodontal disease, no matter the phase. Get in touch with our practice in Washington, D.C., soon to arrange your biannual comprehensive dental evaluation and discover the ways we halt gum disease.

Am I a Candidate for Periodontal Care?

Adults who might require treatment for gum disease include those who have even minimal gum tissue puffiness and bleeding, as well as anyone with loose teeth and noticeable wear to the close-by oral structures. In cases where periodontal disease is discovered and managed quickly, people have increased opportunities to minimize the disorder's harmful impact. Numerous adults experience bleeding gums and swelling, which could be assumed to be normal. Nevertheless, bleeding and many other symptoms of gum disease are never commonplace and should be looked at immediately by a member of our team.

We invite men and women to plan a visit to Chang & Rothkopf Dental if they exhibit any probable symptoms of gum disease. These signs might include puffy, red, or sensitive gums, as well as bleeding while brushing or flossing. Long-lasting bad breath or an unpleasant taste in a person's mouth may be a sign too. Patients who have progressing periodontal disease could end up with loose teeth, elevated sensitivity, a reduced gumline, or discharge coming from the gums.

Stop Gum Disease in Its Tracks

With the help of advanced dental care techniques, Chang & Rothkopf Dental can help people who have gum disease get access to efficient procedures and reclaim the health of their smiles. If you are affected by one or more problems related to gum disease, we recommend that you contact our Washington, D.C. office. Our experienced staff is skilled in a range of options to address any stage of gum disease.

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