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Can a Dental Bridge Help Restore Your Ability to Chew?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 07/05/2024

Learn more about how a dental bridge in Washington, D.C., can help improve chewing problems by filling gaps left by missing teeth.


Improve the Appearance of Misaligned Teeth with Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 06/24/2024

Improve the appearance of misaligned teeth with porcelain veneers. Customized dental veneers provide a solution for a straighter smile.


How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 05/23/2024

Discover how dental implants in Washington, D.C. can transform your life by providing a stable, long-lasting tooth replacement option.


How Can I Prevent Dry Socket After a Tooth Extraction?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 04/18/2024

Don't let dry socket ruin your tooth extraction recovery. Learn how to ensure a smooth recovery after your procedure at CK Dental & Associates.


How Long Can a Dental Crown Last on a Tooth?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 03/24/2024

A guide to how long dental crowns can last, including helpful dental crown care instructions to keep your smile healthy and strong for longer.


Should You Wear Your Invisalign® Aligners While Sleeping?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 02/26/2024

Wearing Invisalign® aligners at night is just as important as wearing them during the day to achieve the straightest smile as efficiently as possible.


What Can Cause Dental Bridge Failure?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 01/07/2024

Discover the top causes of dental bridge failure and how you can prevent it from occurring with help from Dr. Chang at CK Dental in Washington, D.C.


Will My Dental Implants Function Like Natural Teeth?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 12/22/2023

Discover how implants can function like natural teeth, offering comfort, stability, and a natural look from Dr. Woo Young Chang in Washington, D.C.


What Cosmetic Concerns Can Be Improved with Porcelain Veneers?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 11/23/2023

Explore how porcelain veneers at CK Dental & Associates can improve discolored, misaligned, or worn teeth for a radiant smile with Dr. Chang.


How Many Years Can Dental Crowns Last with Proper Care?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 10/09/2023

Learn how long dental crowns can last and how to extend their lifespan with helpful insight from Dr. Woo Young Chang at CK Dental & Associates.


Signs You Have an Infected Tooth Pulp

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 09/09/2023

Discover how to identify an infected tooth pulp, the common symptoms and causes, and explore effective treatment options with Dr. Woo Young Chang.


Three Tips to Keep Your Invisalign® Aligners Clean

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 08/31/2023

Discover three essential tips for keeping your Invisalign aligners clean and effective, courtesy of Dr. Woo Young Chang at CK Dental & Associates.


Can Food Get Stuck Under My Dental Bridge?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 07/24/2023

Learn which foods to avoid and discover tips on how to best care for your dental bridges to ensure food particles do not get trapped underneath.


Is a Tooth Abscess Considered a Dental Emergency?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 06/26/2023

A tooth abscess can become a dental emergency when not addressed by a dental professional. Learn about abscesses and how root canal therapy helps.


How Long Can a Dental Implant Take to Fuse with the Bone?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 05/29/2023

Dental implants usually fuse to the bone after about six months post-procedure. Dr. Chang can help you through this process.


How Long do Invisalign® Aligners Feel Tight?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 04/30/2023

You may feel some tightness on your teeth with Invisalign aligners; however, this should subside within just a few days.


When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 03/28/2023

Are you wondering if an impacted, damaged, or painful tooth needs to be extracted? These are the most common reasons for tooth extractions.


What Will a Dental Crown Look Like Next to My Natural Teeth?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 02/27/2023

Find out how dental crowns work and how we can make sure they look natural and give you something to smile about.


Is Root Canal Pain Considered a Dental Emergency?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 01/09/2023

Tooth pain after a root canal may be a dental emergency. Call our dentist in Washington, D.C. if you experience pain accompanied by other symptoms.


How Many Teeth Can be Replaced by a Dental Bridge?

Dr. Woo Young Chang | 12/29/2022

A dental bridge can replace up to four teeth, though we proudly provide a full range of restoration options for patients with various needs.


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