Professional Teeth Whitening in Washington, D.C.

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What is Professional teeth whitening?

During a time when looks are very important, we know why the color of your teeth is a major cosmetic concern. Fortunately, Chang & Rothkopf Dental in Washington, D.C., can help you deal with this concern with professional-strength teeth whitening. While there are dozens of supermarket whitening choices, we provide a product, which has proven to be superior to most over-the-counter treatments currently available. Our whitening services, highly recommended by our skilled dental team, can whiten your teeth by quite a few shades, helping you keep your amazing results for much longer than alternative products. We utilize professional-strength gels that really do the job, reaching below the surface of the teeth to treat deep stains, rather than consumer-level solutions that only scratch the surface (quite literally) and provide a brighter hue of yellow at best.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening?

At CK Dental & Associates, teeth whitening provides various perks for Washington, D.C. individuals who want to achieve a whiter, more luminous smile. Various benefits of teeth whitening entail:

  • Boosts your look by reducing stains and discoloration due to drinks, food, and aging
  • Upgrades overall confidence
  • Provides a youthful-looking and more beautiful smile
  • Patients may make you look more attractive and pleasant
  • Produces a more confident first impression in professional and social settings
  • May be tailored to obtain the level of whitening you desire
  • Usually gives apparent outcomes after only a single treatment

What can I Expect with Teeth whitening?

What to expect for the whitening treatments depends upon the method chosen by our dental team. Since our clinic offers multiple treatments for successful and quality teeth whitening, the procedure selected for you will be determined after an appointment where your aesthetic goals and lifestyle will be discussed and taken into consideration. In the majority of circumstances, your in-office teeth whitening sessions will be performed in less than one hour through the application of a prescription-strength whitening gel, combined with the technology of a light system that quickly whitens the teeth several shades. 

Professional Teeth Whitening FAQ

Is teeth whitening safe for your teeth?
Yes, according to the American Dental Association, professional teeth whitening treatments are both safe and effective for the majority of patients with good overall oral health. Because professional teeth whitening does not affect the enamel of your teeth, it neither harms nor damages your teeth when used as directed. However, some studies have found that overuse of teeth whitening treatments may damage the dentin of the teeth or roughen the tooth's surface.

How long do results from a teeth whitening treatment last?
The length and effectiveness of results will last depend on a number of factors, including the initial staining of the teeth, the treatment option performed at our Washington, DC office, and your diet of food and drinks. Dark liquids such as tea, coffee, and red wine will stain the teeth over time. On average, most patients can expect their professional teeth whitening results to last six months or longer.

What about over-the-counter teeth whitening products?
While some retail products can brighten your teeth, these are not designed to be as safe or effective as those provided at a dental clinic. In addition, over-the-counter solutions can cause some unwanted side effects. CK Dental & Associates can help provide you with the smile you’ve always wanted through a safe, customized treatment plan.

How much whiter will my teeth get with teeth whitening?
While every patient is different, most can anticipate their teeth getting up to 5 – 8 shades whiter.

A brighter, White Smile

Whitening can provide quick and dramatic improvements to your smile and, quite possibly your overall look. In case you've been considering a teeth whitening regimen but aren't certain whether store-bought or professional options are the proper answer, we invite you to schedule an appointment to explore the benefits and disadvantages of each method before you make your choice.

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