When Are Dental Bridges Needed?

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Dental bridges are beneficial for patients who have extensive tooth decay and need help restoring their smiles. Dental bridges can cover multiple teeth and are supported by dental crowns on each side to boost the mouth’s structure and appearance. You can also use a dental bridge to conceal and protect broken, decayed, misshapen, or otherwise weakened teeth.

Dr. Woo Young Chang and the team at CK Dental & Associates in Washington, D.C. can provide a dental bridge if it’s necessary for restoring your smile and help you through many situations where a dental bridge is needed.

For patients with tooth decay or gum disease

The most common reason people require dental bridges is that their teeth are harmed by tooth decay or gum disease. These issues can wear and weaken your enamel. Plus, you could potentially experience tooth loss if gum disease is too severe. You’ll require a thorough cleaning at the start to ensure any decay is cleared before you are fitted for a dental bridge, as any decay or worn surfaces that remain could negatively impact how well the bridge fits.

After a root canal

While a root canal is often necessary to clear infected tissues in your teeth, it could result in some teeth becoming too weak or otherwise lost. A bridge can go over multiple teeth that were harmed by an infection after the decay is cleared. We can review your teeth after a root canal and determine if you’re a candidate for a dental bridge.

Injuries or trauma may also be a factor

You could also require a dental bridge if you have lost or damaged many teeth from an injury. Whether from a car wreck, sports injury, or other trauma, you can trust CK Dental & Associates in Washington, D.C. for help finding a bridge for your smile.

Suitable for congenital conditions

Dental bridges are also suitable for patients who have missing teeth due to congenital conditions. Hypodontia is a problem when multiple teeth are not growing evenly when the jaw develops. The condition can lead to periodontal harm and can impact one’s chewing ability and speech, but dental bridges can help produce a healthy smile and natural look.

The key to a dental bridge

All of the above situations are suitable for a dental bridge at CK Dental & Associates, but you must have enough healthy teeth to ensure you can support a bridge. You will require healthy teeth on the sides of your missing or impacted teeth to receive a bridge. Your natural teeth can work as abutment teeth that will support the bridge, while the pontics are the false teeth that will fill the gap in your smile and attach to the anchor spots.

Visit us to learn more about how a dental bridge can improve your smile

You can consult Dr. Woo Young Chang and the team at CK Dental & Associates in Washington, D.C. for help in finding a dental bridge to restore your smile. You can visit our website today to schedule an appointment and see how our services can work for you. Our office is on K Street NW in downtown Washington across from the International Finance Corporation building.

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