How Many Teeth Can be Replaced by a Dental Bridge?

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Dr. Woo Young Chang is excited to provide the most effective, personalized care for the many patients dealing with worn-down, decayed, damaged, misshapen teeth, and similar ailments. And you can reclaim your dental freedom and fix your smile and bite through our fantastic restoration treatments at CK Dental & Associates.

For those who require a cosmetic or functional makeover, dental bridges may provide a drastically life-improving solution by replacing multiple teeth, generally up to four in a row. So don't hesitate: get in touch today to see how we can best help you in Washington, DC!

How many teeth can be replaced by a dental bridge?

A bridge can replace up to several teeth, generally one to four in a row. Anything more and the stability of the bridge is compromised, so those who need a more comprehensive treatment may be best suited to partial or full dentures. It depends on the patient's needs, and we consider all your personal considerations, including dental structure, number of missing teeth, lifestyle factors, and your unique requirements.

As always, we give every patient the highest quality, most detail-attentive care so we can help restore your wonderful aesthetics and function. As such, those with certain needs may be great candidates for a dental bridge. A bridge can correct numerous issues, including cracked or broken teeth, misshapen teeth, discoloration, decay, caries, wear and tear, or the other effects of aging and daily stresses.

Plus, dental bridges can renew your smile without anyone knowing they aren't your natural pearly whites—our experienced dentists at CK Dental & Associates take the utmost care to choose the right shade, shape, and size to match your real teeth and give a beautiful, seamless appearance.

Dental bridges offer a straightforward, effective solution for diverse dental problems

A bridge features a pontic, or fake tooth, anchored (or bridged) to the adjacent teeth. The procedure requires us to shape those neighboring teeth to give your bridge a stable, comfortable fit. And while we know that the idea of dental work may make many patients anxious, we administer local anesthetic for your comfort (along with other potential options), so most patients do not feel pain or discomfort during the process.

In addition to fixing your smile and bite, a dental bridge also provides long-term results, potentially lasting up to 15 years before it has to be adjusted or replaced. And you can extend the lifespan of your restoration by practicing proper oral hygiene and seeing us for routine check-ups.

The dental bridge itself is robust and durable, though future adjustments or replacements may be necessary due to the natural tendency for teeth to shift or deteriorate with age.

Restore your smile and function!

Are you suffering the life-hampering effects of broken, cracked, decayed, or worn-down teeth? For patients with compromised function and unaesthetic issues caused by numerous dental ailments, a dental bridge at CK Dental & Associates can provide a game-changing solution.

Dental bridges look remarkably natural, can last you well into the future, and transform your smile. So we invite you to explore your options with Dr. Woo Young Chang by contacting us in Washington, DC!

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